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We have a community of approximately 2,600 students and offer practically focused digital media and design courses from pre-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate to professional short course level. Driven by industry standards and supported by the latest high-performance technology, we produce highly employable and enterprising graduates. We have a strong track record in graduate employability and business creation. 

Ravensbourne also hosts alongside its student community more than 100 creative technology businesses that utilise its leading edge technologies and media resources, and collaborate with its student body and industry partners.

At Ravensbourne, we do things differently. Just take a look at our award-winning building - there's nowhere else quite like it in London.

Within its walls lives a community bursting with creativity. Like-minds, who don’t believe there are silly ideas - just ideas - and who are brave enough to take creative risks. It's a place where ideas collide, people connect and disciplines unite.


  • United Kingdom
  • Ravensbourne University London
  • 3 year(s)
  • Bachelor
  • ID 11642

Bring characters and stories to life.
Can you push the boundaries of animation? Based in the heart of London's creative district and with excellent industry links, our BA Honours Animation degree explores the interplay between movement and narrative. You will examine how the two elements flow together to engage the audience and create a compelling story. With opportunities for mentorships with top industry players, let our experts sharpen your natural talent and turn passion into profession.

Why study this animation degree?

  1. Learn within one of the top academic institutions in London, UK
  2. Opportunities to collaborate on live briefs within industry
  3. First-class teaching from experienced staff and industry experts
  4. Work on creative projects that nurture individuals to excel
  5. Excellent location with a host of animation studios on the doorstep
  6. Tap into exceptional industry connections

The UK’s animation industry is a global success story. In a world where visual communication is the norm, animators are in high demand whether in TV, film, gaming, corporate films, advertising or the media.


$23262 Annual Fees

Illustration for Communication

  • United Kingdom
  • Ravensbourne University London
  • 3 year(s)
  • Bachelor
  • ID 11643

With access to state-of-the-art facilities and strong industry links, the illustration for communication degree course will enable you to sharpen your skillset, promote your craft and prepare you for industry

Why study this illustration degree?
Our challenging and exciting illustration course in London takes an innovative, experimental and critical approach to the broad practice of illustration. The three-year BA Honours degree will help you to develop new skills, encourage different ways of thinking, enable you to find your individual visual voice, and prepare you for the ever-moving creative landscape.
Working in a collaborative studio environment, you will have opportunities to
apply your skills across a range of illustrative applications, including: editorial, publishing, packaging, product, print, advertising, character and film.
Illustration for communication at Ravensbourne University London spans the creative spectrum, turning illustrators into contemporary visual storytellers. As it crosses so many creative boundaries, there are unparalleled opportunities for contemporary illustrators to work with time-based, sequential and narrative forms. This includes graphic design, advertising and publishing, fashion and product design, animation and games design.
Ready to find your visual voice and develop your own personal style? If you study this illustration degree you will work with text, drawings, moving images and printmaking to develop concepts for multiple industries – from commercial graphic design to fashion and animation.

$23262 Annual Fees


  • United Kingdom
  • Ravensbourne University London
  • 3 year(s)
  • Bachelor
  • ID 11644

Through this architecture degree course, you will take inspiration from art, philosophy and technology to explore the spaces and places we inhabit. With access to gold-standard facilities and the highest-calibre teaching, you will develop your own creative vision by exploring the role architecture plays in shaping our society.

Why study this architecture degree?

  1. Develop your own creative vision and refine your design skills
  2. Outstanding teaching from senior industry experts
  3. Tap into direct contacts to the architecture industry
  4. Cutting-edge facilities in an award-winning building
  5. Build a sophisticated, industry-quality portfolio
  6. Unparalleled opportunities in a design specialist institution
  7. Excellent post-graduation employment rate
  8. Contemporary, challenging and future-facing creative projects
  9. Develop a broad understanding of practice
  10. al and theoretical themes
Revolutionise the fabric of our society
From private buildings to public spaces, architecture plays a crucial role in the fabric of society, shaping our towns and cities and influencing how we live, work and play. It’s a field in which your create visions can make a huge impact on our everyday lives.
In graduating from this esteemed architecture course in London, you will possess multidisciplinary knowledge and vital transferable skills, which will prepare you for a career within the many threads of architecture. These include: urban design, housing and office design, planning, building conservation, architectural heritage and community development.
Whether you are an aspiring architect or building conservationist, this architecture degree will escalate your understanding of both the practical and theoretical aspects of architecture, its history and philosophy, as well as its role in contemporary culture, urbanism, construction, structural design and environmental design. You will study the design of buildings and the technical aspects of construction, as well as how architecture relates to all aspects of our lives.
During the three-year degree in architecture, you’ll learn through a mix of problem-based outcomes, design studio tutoring, workshops and traditional lectures. Ultimately, you will discover your architectural vision, refine your design skills and emerge with a sophisticated portfolio of work, so you can stand tall in the global architectural marketplace. 

$23262 Annual Fees

Interior Design Environment Architectures

  • United Kingdom
  • Ravensbourne University London
  • 3 year(s)
  • Bachelor
  • ID 11645

Shape your environment.
In this compelling interior architecture degree course, you will explore both the traditional and contemporary to become a multidisciplinary master of architecture and interior design. With access to gold-standard facilities, you will develop a mix of theoretical and practical design skills, and apply them to reimagine both commercial and retail environments

Why study this architecture and interior design degree?

  1. Architects' Registration Board (ARB) Part 1 prescription
  2. Develop your creative voice 
  3. Unparalleled opportunities in a design specialist institution
  4. Cutting-edge facilities in an award-winning building
  5. Outstanding teaching from senior industry experts 
  6. Direct contacts to industry
  7. Ambitious, nurturing environment 
  8. Excellent post-graduation employment rate
  9. Get involved in challenging, future-facing creative projects
  10. A top 10 world academic institution in its subject areas

$23262 Annual Fees

Urban Landscape Architecture

  • United Kingdom
  • Ravensbourne University London
  • 3 year(s)
  • Bachelor
  • ID 11646

The city's your canvas.
Our urban landscape architecture degree will enable you to combine creativity, curiosity and technical skill to explore how we reimagine the natural and built environment. With access to state-of-the-art facilities and expert teaching, you will develop planning and architectural design skills to plan urban landscapes and understand how environments can shape our mood and behaviours.

Why study this urban landscape architecture degree?

  1. Work in state-of-the-art design studios
  2. Tackle social, economic and ecological needs to enhance livelihoods 
  3. Take part in international events, competitions and live projects
  4. Visit and study contemporary towns – at home and abroad 
  5. Level-up your practical design knowledge
  6. Learn from experienced academic staff and practising designers
  7. Explore the functional, expressive and social impact of new construction tech
  8. Understand the interactions between people, activities and places
  9. Learn how environment can influence mood and behaviour

Urban landscapes are changing dramatically. Cities worldwide are implementing plans to maintain the vitality of metropolitan areas and make them attractive and sustainable to residents, business and tourism. Here lies your enthralling challenge.
If you study this degree in urban landscape architecture, you will be given a diverse education across urban planning and landscape architecture – from cityscapes to coastlines. As Ravensbourne University London has excellent links to industry, we place great emphasis on teaching you the tricks of the trade that will truly prepare you for the professional environment. 

$23262 Annual Fees