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At Business School Lausanne we approach business education differently. To build a new generation of leadership, it has become essential to create learning programs that address the fundamental changes of working in the 21st century. This includes focusing on how digital transformation, current economic trends, changes in societal structure and environmental concerns have transformed the business landscape.

Based in Switzerland, we are a truly global learning lab. Students from sixty nationalities with diverse backgrounds join our experienced faculty in a co-creative approach to learning, focusing on topics as broad as leadership, systems thinking, economics and business-driven sustainability. Our faculty is comprised of individuals who have run successful businesses and have practically applied what they teach in real world situations, ensuring our students are taught the most cutting-edge business thinking.

Business Administration

  • Switzerland
  • Business School Lausanne
  • 2 year(s)
  • Bachelor
  • App Fee 130
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Our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs offer wide and balanced foundations for future business leaders. The programs come in various formats: 2 years, 3 years with internship option, Double Degree (Dublin or Paris), Millennial Program with experiential learning.

Business School Lausanne’s (BSL) BBA allows you to deepen your understanding of your future personal and professional development. The school supports your preparation for a professional life by offering a comprehensive Bachelor that not only builds a strong foundation in all practical and professional skills, but also provides you with courses on managerial and inter-personal skills that prepare you for working in a fast-changing market

$46844 Annual Fees

Millennial BBA

  • Switzerland
  • Business School Lausanne
  • 3 year(s)
  • Bachelor
  • App Fee 130
  • ID 11672

The Millennial BBA is a 3-year Bachelor of Business Administration program in Switzerland that represents the next generation of business education, based on the innovative Prepare-Apply-Consolidate learning methodology:
You will engage in authentic learning experiences that encourage you to bring your own perspective in class, solve real-life business cases and learn from trial and error. You will cover foundational courses that equip you with critical knowledge and skills in all areas of business and management.
You will dedicate two terms to applying what you’ve learned in alignment with your passion, curiosity and skills. Yes, this is not a mistake – your 2nd year of the program starts by doing and learning through experience. You will drive your own experience and will gain competence and mastery in an area that is meaningful to you. You will choose a mix of components from our portfolio.
You will consolidate your learning experience by engaging in learning what is tailored to your unique strengths, talents and interests. Majority of courses in Block 2 are electives which enables you to customize your learning journey so that it best fits your personal goals and professional aspirations.

$31595 Annual Fees