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Stay Campus London’s University Foundation Programme consists of academic modules, study skills, and one-to-one tutorials. It is designed to provide international students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed on their chosen degree course. As part of the core University Foundation Programme, all students will have classes specifically designed to prepare them for academic life in a British higher education environment.

Benefits of studying at Stay Campus' purpose built centre include: - 

Guaranteed Progression - The University Foundation Programme is your gateway to a wide range of prestigious degree courses through progression agreements with 11 UK universities.

All the Preparation, None of the Pressure - If you know you want to go to university in the UK but you’re still not sure which institution is right for you or which degree programme you’re aiming for, then we are an easy starting point. Rather than getting locked into one place, our programme will give you access to dozens of British universities!

University Application Assistance - We support each individual student with the UCAS university application process and will give you all the practical advice you need to help you advance to your preferred choice of university in the UK. 

One-to-One Support - Our team of tutors are highly qualified and have experience teaching international students, so they understand the kind of personal support you may need. You’ll also benefit from one-to-one tutorials each month to track your progress. This kind of individual attention is what makes Stay Campus London so special!

Preparation for British Academic Life - A vital part of our programme involves training students to adapt their skills and knowledge to the specific context and environment they will encounter when they are enrolled in undergraduate courses.

Dedicated Support Throughout your Pathway Programme - Whatever your level when you first arrive at Stay Campus London, your academic tutor will take a special interest in your individual progress and help you develop your study plan accordingly. Dedicated student support teams are always on-hand to provide counselling throughout your journey with us.

Top Notch Facilities - Stay Campus London’s modern classrooms are equipped with the latest teaching and learning technology and designed specifically for today’s students. Our libraries, study centres, and co-working zones offer a flexible space for you to work alone or in groups. Students also have 24/7 access to online resources, study tools and materials.

On-site Accommodation - Stay with us and you’ll find everything youneed under one roof, giving you a supportivenetwork and avoiding all the hassle of commuting. Whether you’re attending this course on your own or with friends, we’ll always have space for you. All rooms come with an en-suite bathroom, kitchenette and optional weekly cleaning and linen service.

Art & Design

  • United Kingdom
  • The Stay Club
  • 9 month(s)
  • Foundation Year
  • ID 6477

Our programme is specifically tailored to maximise creative exploration through art and design. You’ll have the opportunity to develop a technical understanding of how to apply newfound skills and processes across a range of artistic platforms. Most importantly, we’ll help you build a comprehensive portfolio that will support your UCAS applications to university.
Visual Communication
Art Direction & Concepts
Graphic Design
Media Communications & Creative Advertising
Interior Design
Illustration & Animation
Experimental Imagery & Photography
Games and Art Design

Students will explore both traditional and modern animation processes and techniques, whilst also developing computer-generated imagery for their own portfolio.
Our programme introduces students to a range of iconography and illustration skills, and examines their integration in published media such as posters, flyers, magazines, books, comics, teaching materials, video games, and films.

Throughout the course, students are encouraged to use photography creatively as an artistic medium, exploring historical themes as well as peer- and self-evaluation.
Creative Advertising
By examining strategy and design, and exploring the role of technology, students will analyse campaigns and commercials that creatively and effectively tell the story of a brand or non-profit.

$19438 Annual Fees

Business Management

  • United Kingdom
  • The Stay Club
  • 9 month(s)
  • Foundation Year
  • ID 6478

The principle aim of this course is to prepare students for Business and Management-related degree programmes in the UK.
We encourage students to evaluate and apply information, and to appreciate the relationship between theories and concepts and the real world of business management.
Business Studies
Maths and Statistical Methods 
Current Themes in Social Science 
Corporate Social Responsibility
Finance and Accounting
Customer Service Management

Business Studies
Trace the different stages of starting a business and overcoming ongoing internal and external challenges.
Learn how various types of organisations function in a competitive global environment.
Get introduced to the basic principles and application of financial and managerial accounting.
Apply economic concepts and theories at a micro and macro level in both a national and international context.

$19438 Annual Fees


  • United Kingdom
  • The Stay Club
  • 9 month(s)
  • Foundation Year
  • ID 6479

This programmes is designed for students who wish to progress onto undergraduate courses in any of the main areas of engineering including civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic, chemical and petroleum.
We excel in encouraging students to evaluate and apply information,
and to develop the problem-solving skills required at an undergraduate level. Students will enhance their skills in planning, designing, executing, and analysing practical investigations and experiments. You’ll also
have the opportunity to complete a project that allows for more in-depth study of a chosen topic and helps to develop research and analytical skills which are important in order to succeed at a higher academic level.

Physics 1 and 2
Develop knowledge and understanding as well as an appreciation of the applications of physics and its importance to different fields of human activity.
Core and Further Maths
Ensure you have an appropriate level of mathematical and mechanical knowledge and competence to progress on to undergraduate studies.
Study energetics, rates of reaction and equilibria, and perform multi- step calculations in each case.
Core Chemistry
Introduces students to the fundamentals of physical, organic, and inorganic chemistry. Students start with atomic structure and the arrangement of electrons in an atom. They also learn how to calculate amounts of substances and how to write formulae and balance equations. The main types of chemical bonding and structures are also studied as well as functional groups of aromatic molecules.
Computer Science
Covers a wide range of topics including programming, databases, networks and web development.

$19438 Annual Fees

Law and Social Sciences

  • United Kingdom
  • The Stay Club
  • 9 month(s)
  • Foundation Year
  • ID 6480

This course is intended for students wishing to progress onto higher education degrees in a range of social science subjects including Law, Politics, International Relations, and Economics.
Along the way, we’ll encourage students to evaluate and analyse information, construct balanced, coherent arguments, and apply theories and concepts to current political, legal and economic issues.
Students will develop an understanding of the English legal system and processes, and learn how to apply legal rules, principles, and logical arguments to specific cases. You’ll gain a rich knowledge base around law making and interpretation, court systems, negligence, and contract law. In addition, the course covers the study of criminal law and explores issues of morality, justice, and judicial creativity.
Government and Politics
Get introduced to political systems, representative processes, and institutions in the UK. You’ll examine the relationship between the legislature and executive, and question the strengths and weaknesses of democracy in modern society. There is also a strong emphasis on applying knowledge to contemporary politics such as the General Election in 2015.
Social Sciences
Compares and contrasts political institutions and processes in the UK and USA, and challenges students to evaluate and analyse how successfully power is dispersed within a political system.
Through a combined study of micro and macroeconomics, students will explore a range of themes drawn from national and international contexts. This course promotes an understanding of economic concepts and theories through a critical consideration of current economic issues, problems, and institutions that affect everyday life.

$19438 Annual Fees


  • United Kingdom
  • The Stay Club
  • 9 month(s)
  • Foundation Year
  • ID 6481

This programme is specially designed for students wishing to progress into medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other life science fields including Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacology.
Medi-pathways courses have achieved an extraordinarily high level of success in enabling students to progress into UK medical and dental schools, as well as universities offering related degree courses. Our programme provides an understanding of how the human body works through the study of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. It also introduces the fields of pathology, microbiology, virology and parasitology, genetics and public health. To prepare for higher education, students have the opportunity to carry out their own research project in their final term at Stay Campus London.
Our Medical Foundation Programme offers admission into the one year Pre-Med programme at the University of Buckingham which, in turn, offers a direct progression route into Buckingham’s four and a half year medical degree programme.
This innovative programme is accredited by NCFE (Northern Council for Further Education), a 170+ year old not-for-profit national organisation that recognises qualifications and awards which is also authorised by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).
Genes, Cells and Development,
Atoms, Molecules and Reactions,
Measurements in Life Sciences,
Medicine, Disease and Society,
Tissues, Systems and Regulation,
Periodic and Organic Chemistry,
Investigations in Biomedicine

$19438 Annual Fees